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Everything You Wanted to Know About Juicy Couture


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Juicy Couture, couture for men, Juicy kids, couture couture is some of the names given to the collection at Juicy couture. Their latest ranges of clothes are the hottest in the market and creating a revolution in the fashion industry. Access Hollywood and Desperate housewives are a few Television shows that are being used to promote the Juicy brand. If one were to look at a handbag with a zipper and a dangling J from it, they would know it is from the Juicy couture label.

This brand has under this roof clothes that can be worn by people across age groups. For example, a mom and daughter could carry off different gowns from this label and not look odd in it. Initially it was not a very well known brand outside the maternity wear, and that was also thanks to their path breaking styles in jeans that Taylor and Levy came up with. But since Liz Claiborne took over this company, it has come a long way and has gone in different directions capturing different sections of the market. Love P&G, and Made in Glamorous USA are other tags you are likely to find on Juicy Couture’s clothes and this is exactly what sets them apart from other designers. Most designers get popular thanks to the celebrities and Hollywood stars, and Juicy also made it big thanks to these only.

There are not many celebrities or singers who have not been caught wearing Juicy couture, and this brings in more customers and draws attention from the teenage crowd who want to dress or look like their idols. Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz are couple of celebrities brought in to wear the Juicy couture label and showcase the designs to the world Health Fitness Articles, which was a smart marketing strategy adopted by them.